[CODE] Utility Makefile Object file linking

From: Jeremy Osborne (kd5157@scruznet.com)
Date: 02/07/99

I just redid the autowiz to work with ascii pfiles. Makefiles are not my
strong point, though. Trying to reference code in the ../src directory
gives me the following errors:

gcc -g -O2 -Wall -DCIRCLE_UTIL  -I.. -o ../../bin/autowiz autowiz.c
/tmp/cca019231.o: In function `read_file':
/home/grrm/1_Grrm_Test/src/util/autowiz.c:93: undefined reference to `mudlog'
/home/grrm/1_Grrm_Test/src/util/autowiz.c:95: undefined reference to
/home/grrm/1_Grrm_Test/src/util/autowiz.c:97: undefined reference to
/home/grrm/1_Grrm_Test/src/util/autowiz.c:98: undefined reference to

I also tried linking (at least, what I thought would work :) ) an autowiz.o
object file to the interpreter.o file. This gave me 4 pages of errors, all
pointing to "undefined reference" of functions. Might someone be able to
clue me in to how I might use functions in the main /src directory from my
/src/util directory?

Also, here's my current Makefile (pertinate info only) for the src/util:

BINDIR = ../../bin
INCDIR = ../

$(BINDIR)/autowiz: autowiz.c $(INCDIR)/structs.h $(INCDIR)/utils.h \
        $(INCDIR)/db.h $(INCDIR)/conf.h $(INCDIR)/sysdep.h
        $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o $(BINDIR)/autowiz autowiz.c


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