Re: [KINDANEWBIE] Overide 0064??

From: Trevor Dowling (
Date: 02/08/99

>I had someoen code somthing for me and i put it in my code and then when i
>>tried to change somthign on it it said i couldn't then i tried to delete
>it and >it said overide 0064? confused me what is 0064 and how do i turn
>it off?

well, if you were using an ftp program to load the document that the person
gave you, sometimes if you tell the ftp prog to write a document into the
wrong type, it will corrupt the file. try using different types. another
problem could be that the file permissions were changed, and therefore, you
couldn't write to the file.

if none of this works, then you should specify more info on the poblem.

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