Re: [KINDANEWBIE] Overide 0064??

From: Luis Pedro Passos Carvalho (
Date: 02/08/99

Heh! Call me wierd, but I prefer numbers, much easier to remember.

Luis Carvalho


  Hmmm... let's see... damn... Oh! I know... No, that won't do...
  YES! I remember. I've read in one of the netbooks, the one about necromancy, I think,
about a weapon that tries to take control of it's player. Basically, it checks against
the carisma of the player wielding it. If the check fails, it tries to
kill someone in the room. If the check keeps failing, it becomes easier and easier to
loose the check again. Fail once too often and you're dead.

  The weapon is very interesting, it has many twists to it. What i'm trying to do is
create a spec_proc for it. I was thinking of using the dice of the weapon as it's charisma.
If you fail your charisma check the sword makes more damage, but you are one step closer to being dead.
Win the check and the sword would be weaker. Win too much and the sword would be useless.
What do you think of it. Can you see any hole in gameplay with a weapon like this.
Could this be abused?

  I'd like some input.

>>               write execute by owner, read execute by group, and execute
>>               by anybody, you would add 400+200+100+040+010+001 to give
>>               751.
>A much easier method is the "uog+rwx"
>u+w = user gets write
>o+r = other gets read
>uog+rwx = user, group, and other gets read, write, and execute
>u+rwx,g+rx = user gets read, write, and execute, while group gets read,
>and execute.
>More human readable.
>- Chris Jacobson
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