Boats with special values

From: Ryan Dean (
Date: 02/08/99

    As you know I am a new person to this mailing list and am just
starting a mud...(not even up)... but anyway I was wondering what would be
the best way to do the following thing:

I am attempting to make a boat that can have certian values such as
damroll and hitroll, also armour value. I also would like to have it so
that if you are going through non-swimmable water the move ponts it takes
to pass is different sepending on the value set in the obj file.

Here is the way I am thinking about going about solving this problem...
1)in fight.c (the hit function) add the following codes in their corresct
boat.val  = GET_OBJ_TYPE(ship,x) - val & x will be different determining
the part of
fight.c it is used in (calc damage, calc armor etc) and add boat to the
values need (show above       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^).

What do you think, any other suggestions?



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