Re: [IDEA] prison

From: Invincibill (
Date: 02/09/99

hmm...we have a jail system. i think we picked up the base code from a
snippet somewhere. you might check the archives.

we have it set up so that if a "guard" or a player with a "guard" flag
catches you stealing, killing innocent victims or some other such crime,
they grab you and take you to jail, then you wait for court. While in
jail, somebody can come along and break you out.

also immortals can jail you for not adhering to the RP rules or not
being IC as you should.

in court your are tried and if found innocent set free, if found guilty
you get punished.

Ryan Dean wrote:
> I am unsure if this idea has been created or not but tell me what you what
> you think:
> Use the merciful MOB snippet on all guards etc.
> Then from there add a flag that allows a mob to "arrest" you and put you
> in a "prison". From there you can attempt a breakout where you would have
> to get you r eq back or some1 from yourclan or guild could help you out...
> plese reply with comments.
> -exodus
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