Two Handed Weapons

From: Rodrigo Barbosa (
Date: 02/09/99

Hi everyone.

Ok, lets follow the standard procedures ...

This is the first time I'm writing to the list, so I'm a little bit careful
about posting codes. I'm a long time C programer, but not that much
experienced about mud implementation.

I have created a new type of weapon to my mud. Basicaly, it's a Two Handed
weapon. The catch is that when you are using a 2handed, you can't be
grabing anything, and (of corse) can't grab anything why using a 2handed.
I guess everyone can guess about a good reason to use that, and I also have

So, if anyone want that code (I have it in a sort of snipplet), just drop
me an e-mail. If I got too many request, I'll send it to the list.

Btw, I'm doing this by adding a new item type (ITEM_W2HANDED). Anyone have
any sugestion about a better way to do this ?

Tkx everyone.

Rodrigo Barbosa
PS.: Yes, english is not my mother language, so sorry about my (lack of)
writing skills :-)

Rodrigo Barbosa <>
"Born to be wild !"

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