Old Patch & new address for CircleMUD Resources page

From: Nephanor of the Fraal (nephanor@usa.net)
Date: 02/09/99

Greetings.  New e-mail address for the old Doppleganger software.  The
old baator@geocities.com still works, it just sends it all here.  Well
back on topic.

I am looking for the old patch that allows you to just type in part of
the name of a player or mob for a friend who is still running an old
bpl10 version.  For him, time is limited, so updating, or even starting
from scratch, is out of the question.  I couldn't find it on the Ceramic
Mouse site, which is where I seem to remember finding it in the first
place.  What I remember is that it was a simple replacement of the isname

And remember that old CircleMUD Resources page?  Well, when my site went
bye-bye, it did too.  Well, it's back (it's actually been back for a
while, but it seems that some people, like the Ceramic Mouse site admin,
didn't get it)  Point your browser to http://cmrsrc.8m.com/ to get there.
 Yeah, I know, my links on it need to be updated (in regards to the
Ceramic mouse site itself) but at least it's back up, including the DG
Script and DG Event pages.

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