Re: [NEWBIE] damroll

From: Richard Glover (
Date: 02/09/99

Upping the damroll...

1) Increase the allowable values in damroll?:  structs.h and oedit.c/medit.c
(if using OasisOLC) and the mod variable in affect_modify() in handler.c.

2) Increase the damage of an individual object or creature?  Change the
appropriate values in /lib/world/obj and /lib/world/mob for the object or
creature.  Take a gander at building.txt in the /doc directory.

3) Increase the amount of enchantment that 'enchant weapon' gives?  spells.c
and look for APPLY_DAMROLL.

I hope one of these was right, cuz I really have no idea what you are
asking.  I try to help and maybe I don't, but I could be more effective if
you send a clearer interrogative.


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>I know this was mentioned dunno if it was answered or not. How do I go
>about upping the damroll?

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