Re: dispel magic - the code

From: Angus Mezick (
Date: 02/10/99

1) oh come on, he is a dingbat for not reading the FAQ!
2) The problem you are having with this spell is that mobs don't
get sanc through the spell, so there is no SPELL_SANCTUARY to be
removed.  When you set a mob to sanc in the mobfile, the mob just
gets the sanc bit.

"Jan T. Pedersen" <> on 02/09/99 05:04:31 PM

this is my code in magic.c

under: void mag_unaffects

    spell = SPELL_SANCTUARY;
    to_vict = "Your sanctuary got dispelled!.";

> A little code snip would help us all out to help you with your
> problem. I'm not going to be childish and call you a dingbat.
> john

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