Re: [Realy Stupid Question] Level Titles

From: Dan Argent (
Date: 02/10/99

> >
> >Class vampire? My unfinshed implementation is Race. Surely unless you are
> >using classes as races, or have not got races , (just to cover myself)
> >then a Race is a better idea.
> >
> That was my original idea. But after a long talk with Rod (Nirvana MUD), I
> decided to do it as a class (I have the races code here).
> Nothing like and Elven Vampire :-)

Since my mud is based upon shadowrun, and vampires are simply the
expression of a certain virus in elves, while orcs become wendigos and
trolls dzo'na'qa ( I don't think it affects humans,only metahumans can
get it).  It makes sense to make it a different race.


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