PLACES: The Stump Bog, Info Requested

From: Jim S (
Date: 02/10/99

        My PCs have managed to get themselves lost in The North(south of Yartar)
due to a gate in Undermountain (which managed to save the party from having
their brains sucked out by an Illithid).  Now the PCs wish to return to
their homeland of Waterdeep.  The only problem is that they don't know
where exactly they are, but they have stumbled across a decent sized
river(River Dessarin).  The wizard in the group decided it might be best to
fasten together a raft and fload downstream as cities are usually located
at major forks and at the end of rivers.
        I have 'The Savage Frontier' and the FR box set.  In the Savage Frontier
on one of the maps it shows something called The Stump Bog on the northern
side of the Dessarin from Ardeep Forest, but the book contains no
information on the Stump Bog(which might come in handy since the PCs will
be rowing right through it if they don't crash their raft).  I can come up
with info on everything else north of this area just fine as it's either
not named(I'll make it up) or if it has a name like The Stone Bridge it's
in the book.
        However it struck me as odd that the map should name this swampy area, yet
contain no info on it.  If anyone on the list has any pertinant info on the
Stump Bog could you please post it?  I've already spent my monthly budget
on books :P  Thanks in advance.

Jim Sykora
aka Tempus of Exile

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