Re: Vampires as a "Feature"

From: Ghost Shaidan (
Date: 02/11/99

> Dan Argent wrote:
> > I have good reason to use races, as there is no "cure" in my universe.
> > but yeah, vampires will be extremely hard at night, and dimished at day
> > (mud-time) , and feeding will be put in. Also other vampire "skills" mist,
> > astral sensitity, etc

> Serces Wrote:
> Still, these shouldn't be too hard to make even if you choose to make it
> as a Flag and not as a  Race/Class.
> Currently I'm pondering very deeply about this, and I don't see the
> problem using a flag since the Skills would come as levels go by. By
> this you might have to expand the skill system a bit, but that's what
> life is all about, tweaking things to suit your needs :). E.g. put in a
> FLAG section to the spello system, Currently my spello_function is erh..
> bombed? ;-)

This is kind of built into circle already... but it needs some tweaking,
we built in the ability to assign skills by race, various flags
(vampirism, lycanthropy), by magician specialty (invoker, necormancer,
etc), and by one of our dozen or so choices for deities.  It involves
assigning the skill to AFF_VAMPIRE + AFF_ADD or MAGE_INVOKER + MAGE_ADD
so it kind of treats the additional assignments like their own class, in a
way.  I'd have to look back at what else we changed, it was abou 18 months
ago.  So far no problems,, and I like the versitility.

Since I wanted it to be possible to make a spell dependant
> on another, I had to put in DEPENDS_ON flag, and then in the prac code
> check for if the Person knew the DEPENDS_ON thingie, thus making a kind
> of tree structure (as in, you can only learn Fireball if you know how to
> cast flame, and flame can only be acquired if you know fire lore, etc..

This is a very nifty idea, and once we get some of the more 'core' code
changes down (rewriting the combat system for initiative, merging in dg
scripts as part of our quest for 'smarter' mobs, etc) I'd like to
concetrate on providing each class with too many skills or spells to learn
and forcing them to chose a path, of course coding that many skills is the
hard part there :)

> Uh.. :) Hope this helps, at least, this is the way I'm going to do it,
> but I like to see other approaches to this as well for as the perl
> sentence goes, 'There is more than one way to do things, and your way is
> not *THE* correct way'  :)

My initial post about making it interesting was meant to be a 'no response
needed' challenge in a way.  Rereading it, it doesn't come across as
saying exactly what I wanted it to, but I am glad to see that even if
people are using classes and/or races for vampirism, they are making it
interesting :)

Ghost Shaidan

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