Re: clan.patch

From: Invincibill (
Date: 02/11/99

the problem is that you are missing some of the fundamentals of the
C language and its compiler messages. i would suggest that if you dont
have a book, you buy one. if you do have a book and are familiar with it
(ie read it at least once), use it as a reference. if you have a book
havent read it yet, you should do that.

the next best thing you could do, is look at the comp.lang.c
there is LOTS of good information there.(for both Newbie coders and
advanced coders as well) Be careful tho, they are VERY sensitive about
posting NON ansi-C questions and about people how havent read any
FAQ's. but just lurking is a good way to learn too.

now..about what you really want to know.. :)

specifically, you are trying to access something like this
ch->player_specials->saved.clan when you probably dont have clan
in your player_special_data_saved structure.(either directly or via
a macro, probably something like GET_CLAN(ch))

just put clan and clan_rank in your player_special_data_saved struct.
but remember that if you are using binary player files and you add them
you will corrupt your player file. if i remember correctly, the binary
setup has extra "spare" slots where you can rename them and assign them.

Red Wolf wrote:
> I tried to add the clan.patch on the ftp site and when i compiled i got
> these errrors
> act.comm.c(534) : error C2039: 'clan' : is not a member of
> 'player_special_data_saved
> along with
> clan_rank
> can someone explain the problem? Thanks
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