[NEWBIE] [SNIPPET] autowiz snippet

From: Jeremy Osborne (kd5157@scruznet.com)
Date: 02/11/99

I pulled together my first little snippet, since there were enough people
that emailed me directly interested in looking over the code. It's at the
following location:


Like it says in the auto_w.txt file (which is included in the .gz file) I'm
relatively new to coding. I rewrote the whole autowiz file so any
suggestions or comments you have are greatly appreciated. I'll begin
posting more code as I get more familiar with the Circle code. (Right now,
the only thing I haven't seen that I have is some drunk code. It makes you
vomit when you drink too much (creating vomit objects and affected your
conditions, too), drop your drinks, replaces randomly spoken words with
"blah blah" and makes you move in the wrong direction/slam into walls.)

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