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From: Xual (
Date: 02/11/99

On Thu, 11 Feb 1999, Brad Scroggins wrote:

>   Hello, would it be easiler (like someone said) to just do the DG
> Scripts instead of trying and code in some sort of Quest system (but I
> still would like to use Quest Tokens)

Depends on what you mean by Quest Tokens.  If you mean a reward (like an
object) there is a command to load any exisiting object or mob.  If you
mean a points system, you will still have to add code to spend the new
points and to award to the points.

> And how hard is it to add DG Scripts to a Win95 MUD?  I'm using

Works fine under Win95, I ran there for about 2 months before I grew into

> Circle30bpl11 (its old I know)  er add it to Circle30bpl11 without
> having to do alot of editing.

The more recent DG packages are based on bpl14, so I imagine that you
would have to hand patch the entire thing.  Thats a LOT of editing.
Upgrading however, is always a good idea... especially from bpl11.  I
tried runing with 12 for awhile and almost went crazy.

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