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From: Klaus Myrseth (
Date: 02/12/99

Acido wrote:
i was thinking of making my autorun script send me a email
every time it starts so would have to be able to do this automatically
where no-one is online etc.


Ok what i did, is i wrote a script to screan out all help requests that
faild, and mails it to my help updater...
And the same script allso mails me to say that the mud rebooted or started,
all after
here is the easy version of the script:

/usr/bin/mailto -s "Helpentries - Viking"  <
/usr/bin/mailto -s "Viking reboot" < rebootmsg.txt
touch /home/circletest/helpmailer

Ok what it does is runn the program mailto with the following parameters... - to who is this message
-s "sybjectline"
< Bodytext.txt in file - This you can generate dynamicly, remember to put a
. as the last line

and i use the touch command to see when it runned last time, just incase i
have to debug some missing mail stuff :)

then just chmod it to 7 for the group or whatever that sould be able to run
it and put /pathto/circle/mailonreboot
 on the line before bin/circle $FLAGS $PORT >> syslog 2>&1

Good luck.

Caram - Implementor of The Home Of The Viking
telnet odin.infohwy,no 5000 -> under development

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