From: Invincibill (
Date: 02/12/99

i'm not sure how familiar you are with oasis, but the version i have
me do just what you said here.  with the exception of listing who owns
it would be pretty easy to write a function what would scan the player
and list how owns what vnums tho.(or rather, what zone which doesnt
have to directly translate to vnums)

what i did was modify my do_show commands and the zone argument so that
it lists
the zone owners too.(i have modified the olc greatly but the concept is
the same)


Chris Egner wrote:
> While I like OasisOLC, its not exactly what I need. I am looking for an olc
> that I can use to limit the VNUMs available to any one person, so that we
> don't get conflicting VNUMs, or overwritten ones. Something where the
> Implementors can control the VNUMs a person can access. Also something that
> has the ability to list who owns what VNUM, and what the title of that VNUM
> is. I have seen it done for ROM, and was wondering if there was a similar
> thing for CircleMUD
>                                                 Thanx
>                                                                                 --Chris
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