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Date: 02/13/99

On Sat, 13 Feb 1999, Chris Egner wrote:

> First of all, I want to compare OLCs to decide which one to use, and I can
> only find OasisOLC easily, do any of you know how I can get a powerful OLC
> other than oasis for Circlebpl11?

Obuild.  There is a link on the Ceramic Mouse to Sammys site, it's located

> Also, I'm new to coding, so I have a lot of questions. And I was wondering if
> any of you had any codes for races that are compliant to Circlebpl11. As I
> said, I am just begining to code, so if anyone can help, it'ld be greatly
> appreciated.

This has been mentioned a few times in the last while, but here it goes
again...  If you are just starting with a new mud, its a REALLY good idea
to use bpl14.  It's a lot easier to start with a recent code base than
have yours totally modified and then start discovering all of the stock
bugs.  You then have to work your way through multiple HUGE patches, all
by hand, just to get what you could've started with.

As far as races go, any of the instructions available for downloading
should work with any version of circle.  They all change the same things,
so if you use your imagination and think a little, you should have no
problem getting one of them working.

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