Re: [CODE][NEWBIE]The set name command for the last time

From: anthony benjamin (
Date: 02/15/99

I guess what I need to there some way for me to create a new pfile for
the vict in this case, and save it with all of the old stats that vict
originally had? I know it is somewhere around the init char function...what
function am I actually looking for to create the actual file..and where can I
feed the stuff in? all I need to do is transfer stats from the characters to
the new pfile...any ideas on how to do that hypothetically? ; )

P.S. - I am still using the stock pfile system from bpl14, no ascii pfiles or
anything...just the regular default stuff, there are like 5 different
directories that hold the player files, and they aren't ASCII.


Tony Robbins wrote:

> *snip*
> >  save_char(vict, NOWHERE);
> >  build_player_index();
> *snip*
> I'm guessing from that build_player_index(), that you're using some sort of
> ASCII pfiles.  I'm going to further guess that when you login, it uses the
> filename for the player to get the login information.
> Hypothetically:
> New character 'Joe' (pfile joe.player is created).
> Joe logs in.
> Joe's name is changed to Bob.
> Now, inside joe.player, it says Name: Bob instead of Joe.
> Next login, you type 'Bob' and it searches for a bob.player file.
> ...
> So if you use individual files for each player, I think you need to make
> sure the filename is changing.  If that's the case.
> Hypothetically.
> -B.
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