Re: new at linux

From: Acido (
Date: 02/17/99

At 12:58 AM 2/18/99 +0000, you wrote:
>Just a note of caution, never run the actual mud as root.  I would suggest
>you make a directory in /usr/local i.e. /usr/local/mud and then add
>yourself a user for the mud.  Then, change the owner ship of the directory
>to that user and install the mud there.
>You might as why go through all this hassle.  Well, if you run the mud as
>root (for all intents and purposes, god of the system), one could buffer
>overflow an addon you make to the mud and act as root on your box.  This
>gives them the oportunity to delete your entire filesystem.  This is a Bad
>Thing(TM).  Rule of thumb: only do stuff that absolutely needs root as

Yes i know. I was assuming he want to run it locally only not run the mud
full time
from his local pc!

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