[Code][Newbie] Random Acts of Gold

From: Jeff Colledge (colledjl@davesworld.net)
Date: 02/18/99

Hey all,

I'm working on setting up a new mud (Circle 30 bpl 14).  I'm still
learning the code and am just now making some basic changes.  One of the
things that I've been trying to do as a way to help me understand the
way the program is organized is to randomize treasure...or at least gold
found on mobs.  However, I've not been very successful...eventually
having to reload the stock db.c file. =(  Such is programing in the
beginning.  Anyway, I was wondering if there was a patch somewhere or if
someone could send me a snippet of their code changes so I can have a
template to work off of.  All of my different attempts at this have been
solely in the db.c file, is there another file out there that I should
be looking at?

I know, I should include my own code but it was not anything I would
implement, but just something I'm doing to help me learn the logic of
the program.  If I end up using any or all of the code, full credit will
be given to the creator.  However, that is not my intent...I'm just
wanting to see how things work. =)

Thanks for your help in advanced.


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