[Building] Unruly Mobs Addendum

From: Jeff Colledge (colledjl@davesworld.net)
Date: 02/18/99

I forgot to add this,

You can also control the chance of running into a roaming mob by how you
assign the exits from a staging area(s).  2 of the 4 goblin staging area
exits might point to the room just before the Treasure room (see the
original post for the complete example).  This means that any goblin
leaving the staging area will have roughly a 50% chance to go just out
side the treasure room.  Thus you can make it more likely to find
roamers around important or normally busy/heavily guarded areas and less
likely around remote, offensive (waste pits, clean water) areas.

Again, let me know if you have done this and what you have found to


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