Re: [Strategy]Unruly Mobs

From: Brian Williams - Nashak (
Date: 02/19/99

On Fri, 19 Feb 1999, Angus Mezick wrote:
Ooops, I forgot about stock being this way. I coded it so that it only
says "has just arrived" when there is a 1 way exit to the room, otherwise
it says like "enters from the north" etc. so when I said that, I didn't
realize the fact that it would, indeed, give every mob permanent sneak;
what I intended was when a mob enters from a 1-way exit, it doesn't notify
the player. Sorry about that..

> Brian,
> Wouldn't this have the affect of giving EVERY mob permanent
> sneak?
> I like this idea, and I think that to make it more like mobs loading into
> the room, in the code where it tells them "A rat has just arrived." take
> that out completely, or just if (IS_NPC(ch)) then don't tell a message or
> something, that way if a PC enters, it will still give them the message.
> This is just a suggestion, that way they won't be like "where are all
> these rats coming from anyways?"

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