[NEWBIE] sendto - question

From: Thomas Henke (ghost@warstein.owl.de)
Date: 02/19/99

Hello there,

I am trying to improve our intermud program alltime,... so i want to
put all outgoing-sends into a repeat list, if it can't be delivered.
So i have the problem how to find out if the other side received this.

Now my question is, is there a chance to find out, if the other side
received it, without waiting for a 'reply-packet' of the other side. I
mean can i directly check if the submission was fullfilled or not.

Or are there other solutions ? I thought to check it dircetly would be
the best way, because there are many 'packets' what are not cause a
'reply-packet' send of the other side.

Thank you in advance.

MfG... Thomas Henke

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