Re: [OLC] oedit

From: Justin P. (
Date: 02/21/99

>Add new OEDIT_x flags in olc.h for oedit.c support.
>Add new oedit_disp_valx_menus to handle the different ITEM_x flags in
>Add new handling for OEDIT_ARGx flags in oedit_parse.
>Make sure that you watch in the prior OEDIT_ARGx that they call the correct
>next function.  I.E. If it did go to arg2, then you'll have to change it to
>arg4 or whatever.  Watch the difference between return and break in this
>There is a great amount of code in there, sorry for the generalities.
Actually you pointed out the one thing I was totally doing wrong, A simple
I had accidentally taken out at disp_val10_menu() was causing the thing to
go screwy
Now I have everything working just right, thanks for the help.

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