- A solution to some of the deja vu on this mailing list

From: Tom Dailey (tomd@waymark.net)
Date: 02/21/99

Hello all,

I have to tell everyone that I for one am getting tired of
new circle mud owners getting the latest release, getting
a patch or two, "trying" to patch it in, and then emailing
the list that it didn't work.

So, here's a few suggestions.

1.  When someone joins the list, email the FAQ with the
     listserv response that they have been added.

2.  Take all of the patches off of the current web pages and
      ftp page.  This seems radical and all, but it would deter
      all of the clone muds you see and it would make people
      learn to code on their own.

3.  When a person sends the list a question, please respond
     via email and not to the list if it's not needed.  I think that 80%
     of the responses that I see, I really don't need to see.

Finally,  I've gotten much help from the list in the past, so I am not
flaming people who are not as adept at coding as some of the
people on here, I just think there could be ways to help with seeing
the same quesitons asked 10 times a month.


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