Re: [NEWBIE] Zedit trouble

From: Bo Young (
Date: 02/21/99

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From: Fallen Wolf

>I have having some trouble with OLC.  I am using OasisOLC 1.6.  I have
>created an area, 1.zon, that ranges from numbers 100 to 174, and another
>area 2.zon, which rangers from numbers 175 to 199.  But when I try to

---------^       Zone   2  then  ----------------------^    &  -^  should be
in the 200 range,  instead of
in the 100 range.
>redit, oedit, sedit, or medit a number from 175 to 199, it says "Sorry,
>there is no zone for that number."  If anyone could help me I'd be
>Thanks for your time.

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