Re: ZEDIT problem

From: Tony Robbins (
Date: 02/21/99

>At 01:05 PM 2/21/99 -0800, you wrote:
>>When you are in a zedit menu, you are selecting an option that has no
>>support.  So, when it goes thru the zedit_parse() fuction it is not
>>the ZEDIT_X flag that corresponds to your entry.
>You sure about that? i mean if that was the case it would reach default
>case even before he got the chance to set mob vnum maximum load and load

Actually, you're both partly right.  You see, the percentage loads OLC patch
sets up an arg5 I believe in ZEDIT.  Now, when you make a choice in ZEDIT,
the prompt for information comes from the calling function, e.g.,
zedit_disp_arg*_menu().  However, the event handler actually sets it.
Therefore, if there's no case handler to set the values in the event
handler, it won't do anything.

I had a similar problem when I incorporated percentage loads into OLC+
v2.1a.  It seems that there's a similar region in Oasis that the patch hits,
instead of its actual target.  Go back to your original zedit and handpatch,
and I think you'll have more success.

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