Re: ZEDIT problem

From: Tony Robbins (
Date: 02/21/99

>This wasnt a problem when i patched the percentages into bpl11 with oasis95
>thou. Has it changed that much? I also noticed that when I tried to set a
>as locked it doesnt even ask me to save it just cancels. The solution still
>applies? And where is it setting a arg5 I dont see any.
>> Actually, you're both partly right.  You see, the percentage loads OLC
>> sets up an arg5 I believe in ZEDIT.  Now, when you make a choice in
>> the prompt for information comes from the calling function, e.g.,
>> zedit_disp_arg*_menu().  However, the event handler actually sets it.
>> Therefore, if there's no case handler to set the values in the event
>> handler, it won't do anything.
>> I had a similar problem when I incorporated percentage loads into OLC+
>> v2.1a.  It seems that there's a similar region in Oasis that the patch
>> instead of its actual target.  Go back to your original zedit and
>> and I think you'll have more success.

Hrm, ok, I remember it either adds arg3, arg4, or both in the patch.
Basically, I hand patched it to make sure things made sense, and it worked.
In bpl14, with OasisOLC 1.6b, I had the same problem as you.  Make sure
they're all flowing properly.  Look at the zedit.c file that is included in
OLC+ 2.1a for a working copy.  I think.

Sorry I'm not more helpful

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