Re: - A solution to some of the deja vu on this mailing list

From: George (
Date: 02/21/99

On Sun, 21 Feb 1999, Tom Dailey wrote:

>I have to tell everyone that I for one am getting tired of
>new circle mud owners getting the latest release, getting
>a patch or two, "trying" to patch it in, and then emailing
>the list that it didn't work.

Jeremy didn't like the "booby-trapped" release idea last I brought it up.
Idea is that the distribution is shipped with a trivial (though
non-compiling) purposefully broken piece of code.  Then the person must fix
that before they can even use CircleMUD.  If they can't fix it, then they
don't have the basic C skills to run a MUD so "tough s*" as they say.

Which may also increase the number of "why doesn't it compile" messages,
but anyway...

I'm not really set on the idea, was just something I heard of.

>1.  When someone joins the list, email the FAQ with the
>     listserv response that they have been added.

I think they already are.

>2.  Take all of the patches off of the current web pages and
>      ftp page.  This seems radical and all, but it would deter
>      all of the clone muds you see and it would make people
>      learn to code on their own.

Not so great, we have enough people confused about the -> change as it is that mail the list.

Even though it's been in my signature for how many weeks now?

>3.  When a person sends the list a question, please respond
>     via email and not to the list if it's not needed.  I think that 80%
>     of the responses that I see, I really don't need to see.

Unsubscribing will fix that to 100%. ;)

>Finally,  I've gotten much help from the list in the past, so I am not
>flaming people who are not as adept at coding as some of the
>people on here, I just think there could be ways to help with seeing
>the same quesitons asked 10 times a month.

Maybe someone needs to ask Alex if they can start posting a DNATFAQ list
weekly or monthly to the list.[1]

George Greer

[1] - Do Not Ask These Frequently Asked Questions.

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