Re: - A solution to some of the deja vu on thismailing list

From: Daniel Koepke (
Date: 02/22/99

Tom Dailey wrote:

> 2.  Take all of the patches off of the current web pages and
>       ftp page.  This seems radical and all, but it would deter
>       all of the clone muds you see and it would make people
>       learn to code on their own.

Oh, along the same lines, I've got this really great idea for
preventing thievery.  If we just cut off everyone's hands when
they're born ... More seriously, it more than *seems* radical.  To
mangle some Shakespeare (_Hamlet_, no less), "Seems mad'am?  Nay,
it does not seem."  Applicable, except for the "mad'am" part.

> 3.  When a person sends the list a question, please respond
>      via email and not to the list if it's not needed.  I think
>      that 80% of the responses that I see, I really don't need to
>      see.

The biggest problem is deciding when to send it to the list and when
to keep it to private e-mail.  If it's a message like this, it's
really best to send it to private e-mail. <grin>

> Finally,  I've gotten much help from the list in the past, so I am
> not flaming people who are not as adept at coding as some of the
> people on here, I just think there could be ways to help with
> seeing the same quesitons asked 10 times a month.

Remember (for the first time) Koepke's First Law of the Mailing List,

  x Topics are neither created nor destroyed.  They are, however,
    repeated endlessly.  This law is more commonly stated as,
    "People do not search the archives or read the FAQ."

As well as Koepke's Second Law of the Mailing List,

  x As topics are repeated, they spontaneously convert to less
    organized threads consisting of, "RTFM," "RTFC," and, "Buy a
    @$^!ing book on C."  This law is more simply stated as, "Entropy

-dak : BAFBOC? (Buy A F@#%!ing Book On C) GOYLALS? (Get Off Your
       Lazy Ass and Learn Something) I think I'll coin a few new
       acronyms just to confuse more people ... Wooo!

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