Re: Moderated List and DATQAFAQ

From: Brandon Brown (
Date: 02/22/99

Heyas..yeah..I'll give you a hand with the DATQAFAQ... or I'll do it myself,
if need be.. whatever..anything to stop this constant "how do I add levels to
my MUD" spam we keep getting on the list.
I was actually going to start putting together something like this awhile
ago... was going to include manuals and such for simple things, adding levels,
classes, spells, skills, liquids, changing currency... all those basic
questions.. plus add a few things from the Circle faq..using gdb and such.

Email me back if yer interested... give me some details (where you'd want this
to be), etc..

 - Brandon Brown
TimeTraveller Impl.

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>  Send mail <> with 'subscribe modcircle' in the body
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>  Next, with respect to someone doodling up a 'Don't Ask These Questions
>  Anymore FAQ', if anyone is interested in doing this, please contact me,
>  and we can work out the details.
>  Your fascist list admin,
>  Ae.

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