Re: A bug?

From: Richard Levesque (
Date: 02/23/99

have you considered pre-lag (read: casting times)?  one of the fun
projects we've been working on in our bang-around mud.  as the command
they are waiting for is stored in the same structure the wait state is
stored in, your trick should cancel the command as well.  at least,
that's how we did it.  i'll need to try your trick to see what happens,
but that'd just about eliminate any advantage a player would get from
knowing about it.

another neat advantage of casting times is the possibility of being
interrupted, like if you get hit while casting a spell.  you could
cancel the spell, and the wait state, if someone got hit in combat while
trying to do something.  or, for more complication, make a concentration
skill, or use the skill in the spell, to avoid having your spell

just some random thoughts :)


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