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From: Anthony Rye (
Date: 02/24/99

On Sat, 20 Feb 1999, Brandon Brown wrote:

> Okay..perhaps it's just me..
> But maybe you should get a little more familar with C before you start trying
> to code a CircleMUD - it's not a good starting project to be learning how to
> code with.
I learned C using mud

> If I were you, I'd sit down with a big ole' "How to Code C" book, and read
> it..twice.. then come back to your code.
I hate messages like this and people like viper who think just becuase a
newbie doesnt understand the errors they sit at there little computers and
talk about how they need to read a C book. Instead of Wasting bandwith to
tell the newbie anything just dont answer the question. ITS THAT EASY!
> -Brandon (Viper) > TimeTravellerMUD > UIN 10883068
On To The compile problem!
> >  gcc -c -g -O2 -Wall  act.comm.c
> >  act.comm.c: In function `do_ctell':
These first 2 lines tell u what file and in where u messed up
> >  act.comm.c:125: warning: implicit declaration of function `GET_CLAN'
> >  act.comm.c:125: warning: implicit declaration of function `GET_CLAN_RANK'
These 2 lines are telling you U didnt declare GET_CLAN or GET_CLAN_RANK
> >  act.comm.c:140: `clan' undeclared (first use this function)
This Line is telling u the word clan is undeclared
> >  act.comm.c:140: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
> >  act.comm.c:140: for each function it appears in.)
This Line is telling you, U have more than one Get_clan and Get_clan_Rank

> >  btw this is the code of line 140
> >      if (minlev > clan[c].ranks){
> >
To fix this Ryan u need to Find the file with all the other declrations
#define GET_CLAN
(most likely it will be in utils.h )
the word clan it self need to go in the file u change god levels(i havent
messed with mud in 2-3yrs cant remeber file names) and down in where the
bytes are add clan; clan_rank;

pretty much recheck your installation docs and go through it step by step.

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