[CODE] obj_data enhancements

From: Magnus Lindström (dal97mlm@mds.mdh.se)
Date: 02/25/99

I am implementing fireweapons and i've been adding a bunch of
bytes to the obj_data struct. My biggest headache is tha fact that
currently only firearms are using the added bytes which means
there are several objects with junk bytes in them. The only good
thay do is taking up (valuable) memory.
My first aproach was to implement dynamic memory usage and
only allocate memory for my firearms. But I couldn't track down
where to put the free statements so I put that idea on ice.

How expensive will 7-8 extra bytes be when my mud is up and
running and the world has gotten huge? 1k objects generates 800k
bytes of which i probably will not use 75%. Alot of waste if you ask
Perhaps I'm just being paranoid :)


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