New FAQ being written... suggestions?

From: Brandon Brown (
Date: 02/27/99

G'Day everybody...
        Alright, at authority/request by Alex and George, I'll be working on a new
FAQ, seperate from the original Circlemud one (, but including
some parts of that, as well as easy-to-read manuals on adding the basic things
to your CircleMUD (levels, classes, races, how to patch, links to
snippet/patch etc sites).
        I'd appreciate any input you have on this - if you have anything you'd like
to see on it, or have anything you'd like to put on it (I.E, help manuals
you've written, or a link to your site that contains CircleMUD code), please
send me an Email detailing it.
        Please, do *NOT* email back to the CircleMUD list, reply directly to

 - Brandon

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