[code][newbie][DGscripts] What the heck did I do wrong?

From: anthony benjamin (benjamin@powerweb.net)
Date: 02/27/99

Ok....here is what I did...I took and extracted a new version of
circle30bpl14 into a directory...and then I downloaded the
dg_pl5a_with_oasis.patch.gz (cause I wanted DG scripts and Oasis OLC)
from the circlemud server....than I gunziped that and
patched...everything applied fine...then when i tried to type make...I
get this..

make ../bin/circle
gcc -c -g -O2 -Wall  comm.c
In file included from comm.c:59:
dg_scripts.h:333: redefinition of `struct cmdlist_element'
dg_scripts.h:339: redefinition of `struct trig_var_data'
dg_scripts.h:348: redefinition of `struct trig_data'
dg_scripts.h:370: redefinition of `struct script_data'
dg_scripts.h:382: redefinition of `struct script_memory'
dg_scripts.h:490: redefinition of `index_data'
dg_scripts.h:243: `index_data' previously declared here
dg_scripts.h:491: redefinition of `room_data'
dg_scripts.h:244: `room_data' previously declared here
dg_scripts.h:492: redefinition of `obj_data'
dg_scripts.h:245: `obj_data' previously declared here
dg_scripts.h:493: redefinition of `trig_data'
dg_scripts.h:246: `trig_data' previously declared here
dg_scripts.h:494: redefinition of `char_data'
dg_scripts.h:247: `char_data' previously declared here
dg_scripts.h:580: redefinition of `struct cmdlist_element'
dg_scripts.h:586: redefinition of `struct trig_var_data'
dg_scripts.h:595: redefinition of `struct trig_data'
dg_scripts.h:617: redefinition of `struct script_data'
dg_scripts.h:629: redefinition of `struct script_memory'
dg_scripts.h:737: redefinition of `index_data'
dg_scripts.h:490: `index_data' previously declared here
dg_scripts.h:738: redefinition of `room_data'
dg_scripts.h:491: `room_data' previously declared here
dg_scripts.h:739: redefinition of `obj_data'
dg_scripts.h:492: `obj_data' previously declared here
dg_scripts.h:740: redefinition of `trig_data'
dg_scripts.h:493: `trig_data' previously declared here
dg_scripts.h:741: redefinition of `char_data'
dg_scripts.h:494: `char_data' previously declared here
dg_scripts.h:827: redefinition of `struct cmdlist_element'
dg_scripts.h:833: redefinition of `struct trig_var_data'
dg_scripts.h:842: redefinition of `struct trig_data'
dg_scripts.h:864: redefinition of `struct script_data'
dg_scripts.h:876: redefinition of `struct script_memory'
dg_scripts.h:984: redefinition of `index_data'
dg_scripts.h:737: `index_data' previously declared here
dg_scripts.h:985: redefinition of `room_data'
dg_scripts.h:738: `room_data' previously declared here
dg_scripts.h:986: redefinition of `obj_data'
dg_scripts.h:739: `obj_data' previously declared here
dg_scripts.h:987: redefinition of `trig_data'
dg_scripts.h:740: `trig_data' previously declared here
dg_scripts.h:988: redefinition of `char_data'
dg_scripts.h:741: `char_data' previously declared here
dg_scripts.h:1074: redefinition of `struct cmdlist_element'
dg_scripts.h:1080: redefinition of `struct trig_var_data'
dg_scripts.h:1089: redefinition of `struct trig_data'
dg_scripts.h:1111: redefinition of `struct script_data'
dg_scripts.h:1123: redefinition of `struct script_memory'
dg_scripts.h:1231: redefinition of `index_data'
dg_scripts.h:984: `index_data' previously declared here
dg_scripts.h:1232: redefinition of `room_data'
dg_scripts.h:985: `room_data' previously declared here
dg_scripts.h:1233: redefinition of `obj_data'
dg_scripts.h:986: `obj_data' previously declared here
dg_scripts.h:1234: redefinition of `trig_data'
dg_scripts.h:987: `trig_data' previously declared here
dg_scripts.h:1235: redefinition of `char_data'
dg_scripts.h:988: `char_data' previously declared here
*** Error code 1

*** Error code 1

What did I miss?? Any help would be appreciated....


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