Re: why does my mud keep crashing every tick?

From: Adrian (
Date: 02/27/99

>On Sat, 27 Feb 1999, Adrian wrote:
>> >> >This means that the port on the IP address that you have specified is
>> >> >already in use by something else (isn't that obvious?). So, either
>> >> >already running a copy of your MUD, or somebody else stole the port. :)
>> hrm... I tried that, but it still didn't work... maybe there's something
>> else I must do as well..?
>Are you running on a machine with other muds?  Or perhaps there is another
>service running on the port in question.  Try changing the port to
>something else.

no.... my mud is th only mud running on that server.

now, I know about the DFLT_PORT in config.c thing, but when I change that
number, I'm still running the MUD off the same port... is there somewhere
else I need to change something...?


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