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From: Bill Long (
Date: 02/27/99

you could also subscribe to the moderated list
it has a 0 useless:useful ratio.
as in
-------  = 0

(of course, thats purely subjective as well, who am i to decide what is
useful and what is useless)

Brandon Brown wrote:
>         Mm... we all do agree, yes... the spam of newbie questions and such has risen
> in the past, but we're working on a solution to that.  If anybody read my last
> email, we're working on the WTFaq (Way too frequentely asked questions) -
> including manuals and answers to questions that have been spamming the list in
> the past few weeks.
>         It should be ready for public use within a week or two.
> Thanks,
>  -=- Brandon
> > I will be putting in an unsu-bscribe (the mail handler doesnt like having
> > things that look like commands in the first line :) in a few hours, however
> I
> > just want to
> >  let the list know that I have found a few useful things on the list since I
> >  have joined.
> >  Unfortunately, the useful to useless ratio has gone down since I
> subscribed,
> >  and along with the other email I receive every day, its just too much to
> >  sift through.

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