Re: [NEWBIE] [WORLD] How to go above 326 Zones max ? 99 11:00:07 am"

From: Christian Loth (
Date: 02/28/99


Bill Long wrote:
> if you are using linux,
> int and long int are the same. but they will give you more than enough
> rooms. (whatever 32,000X32,000) is (or there abouts)
> its not that hard to do. what i recommend is this. set up theree
> typdefs in structs.h
> typedef long int        ROOM_NUM
> typedef long int        MOB_NUM
> typedef long int        OBJ_NUM

Maybe if you're expecting to have a HUGE world you might
also consider structuring it in an IP-like system,
sortof like:

I just hope you have a supercomputer cluster handy
in case you want to use the complete range of that
numbering scheme ;)

- Chris

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