Re: [Newbie] Errors when starting the MUD

From: James Theron Browning (
Date: 02/28/99

Nate Mcsp <> wrote:

>Hello, I'm having a few errors when I try to start up the MUD.  First off,
>am using bpl14 and Cygnus b20 to compile the MUD.  I compiled the MUD
>any problems.  After that I go ahead and type: ./autorun &.  The script
>then goes into sleep.  The syslog.crash file says:
>SYSERR: Error creating socket: The specified family can not be used with
>I've tried changing the port and all, but I still get the same result...
>Thanks for any help you can give me!
Changing the address won't work... it almost sounds as if it's trying to
bind sockets for DDP, IPX or some other non-TCP/IP protocol...

Probable solution(s):  check to ensure that you are including the correct
headers and linking the correct libraries. next check to see if the socket
commands are getting valid data...

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