[DG-Script][Snipet] For those who dont know how to use dgscripts here is a werewolf transformation snipet

From: Klaus Myrseth (klaus.myrseth@infohwy.no)
Date: 03/01/99

Define a human character as vnum 2504 or change that in your codesnip and
zone definition
Define a werewolf char as vnum 2505

Attach the script to the human and load this into your zone at resets, do
NOT load the werewolf.

[DG-Script snipet:]

Trigger Intended Assignment: Mobiles
Trigger Type: Global Random , Numeric Arg: 100, Arg list: None
   if ((%self.vnum% == 2504) && ( (%time.hour%>=21) || (%time.hour%<6) ))
     emote is starting to grow hair from her hands and face.
     wait 1 s
     wait 1 s
     say Run, while you have the chance, RUN!!!!
     wait 1 s
     mtransform 2505
   elseif ((%self.vnum% == 2505) && ( (%time.hour%<21) &&
(%time.hour%>=6) ))
     emote is starting to loose hair in chuncs.
     wait 1 s
     mtransform 2504
     wait 1 s
     wait 1 s
     say please help me.....

[End - snipet]

Basicly what this snipet do is transform the human to a werewolf when the
sun goes down, and when the
Sun comes up again, transform the werewolf to a human, simple but a cool
addon to your mud if the zone
Theme is made for it.

This mail is solly for those who dont know how to utilize the dg-scripts.

If you dont have dg-scripts pl 6 remove the time check or something because
the time variable is pl6 spesific.

Caram - Implementor of The Home Of The Vikings : odin.infohwy.no 5000

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