Paintball Scoreboard Problems

From: Michael Gesner (
Date: 03/01/99

Here is a part of my scoreboard command code:
(This is the main workings of it anyway... the rest
is asthetic, this is what is supposed to parse through
the descriptor list and grab the current scores of
each of the players playing paintball (who are flagged with
the paintball pref tag)

Source Code:

for (d = descriptor_list; d; d = d->next) {
    if (d->connected)

    if (d->original)
      wch = d->original;
    else if (!(wch = d->character))
     sprintf(scorebuf,"%s %15s Individual %d      None"

End Source

Now... Here's the problem, It compiles, and the command works,
however, all the command will print is my asthetic additions, it
will not print anything solid to go onto the list.

Any suggestions ?

Lodaren of Rhu-Dina'ar
port 7777

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