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From: Richard Glover (
Date: 03/02/99

That doesn't happen with my version of circle in windose, so I guess it must
be something wrong with your code, but since you didn't post any code,
version, compiler, etc... I can't help.

I'm don't know what compiler you are using, but in windose MSVCx, there is a
built-in debugger and you can set up a break point right before the part of
the code is having the problems, then use the other features of the debugger
to see what all the values are of every variable, memory location, etc.
Then, you can start stepping thru your code and see what happens when it
gets to a certain part of the code.

BTW, Windose is the best moneymaker for me as I fix those computers that are
cursed with that virus every day.


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From: Tonster <>
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Date: Tuesday, March 02, 1999 7:59 AM
Subject:  new player

>When a new player comes in the game there disconnected right after select
>the race menu come up at the same time they are disconnected
>circle window shows  syserr: no valid target to act ()!

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