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From: George (
Date: 03/02/99

On Tue, 2 Mar 1999, Chris Jacobson wrote:

>On 3/2/99 3:58 PM, George ( stated:
>>But I suppose they could be added to yours somehow, I'll look into it
>Well, I was just curious about that code.  I suppose I get different
>results because I do my work on a PowerPC station (although my final
>build and debugging are on an x86 Linux box.)

That would definitely adjust things.

I've been taking the wrong approach in my current pre-2.0 buffer code so
I have a bit of work to do on it currently. Nothing wrong code-wise, but a
big problem as I see it design-wise.

But that's taking a back seat to my complete rewrite of the database
processor.  It'll take little parser modules so you could have one world
file in SQL database, another in standard CircleMUD format, another in a
Berkeley database, maybe another one in BIND 8 format, and such.  It'll
also allow multiple worlds in one CircleMUD (strange concept, eh?),
asynchronous world loading during bootup, and much more flexible creation
of things.  It was one of Erwin's general ideas (different MUD drivers he
said) and I'm going to kill him one of these days because he gives me so
many good ideas I want to implement when I already have little to no time
on my hands as it is. :) But I don't stop there, I'm planning on even being
able to change the internal representation of the worlds with one as a glib
hash table, maybe one in SQL, another in Berkeley database, etc. It's
currently in C and don't see a need for C++ at the moment.  To do all this,
I'm changing the fundamental block of data passed around the db.c
currently, the file, into a more generic stream, a charater stream. Much
more flexibility and even cleaner than a file, but also causes a lot of
changes. No, it's not usuable yet (loads rooms ok, that's it), but it'll be
neat if I can actually pull it off.

George Greer

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