[NEWBIE] [OFFTOPIC] *, ->, and .

From: Phillip A Ames (kirk47@juno.com)
Date: 03/02/99

OK, this is probably the most off-topic, most stupid question asked, but
here goes...  All of the C books I've read don't seem to cover this in a
newbie-enough way for me to understand....  I need to know what the
indirection thing does, the ->, and the . do...  If someone's going to
reply, please send the e-mail just to me and not the list...  As far as I
can tell, you use the '->' when you're accessing a structure within a
structure, and you use '.' when you're accessing a field within the
structures, and I have no clue when to use the '*' except on struct
char_data *ch and struct descriptor_data *d :)  And can't forget char
*buf :)  Anyway, if someone can e-mail me, and tell me whether or not my
guesses are right/wrong and send me some examples of good/bad cases in
which to use these, I'd be really appreciative.  Thanks,


I'm writing an empire system atm, if anyone's interested it after I'm
done, just give me a holler(kirk47@juno.com).

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