Re: Segmentation fault

From: Jeffrey Margolis (
Date: 03/02/99

Well actually i hadnt solved this yet, so thank you very very much. You have
my greatest gratitude.  And hey you must be a mind reader because it turns out
that was the problem.
thanx again

In a message dated 3/2/99 2:06:59 PM Eastern Standard Time,

> ---Jeffrey Margolis <> wrote:
>  > #0  0x80889d4 in str_dup (source=0x0) at utils.c:84
>  > 84        CREATE(new_z, char, strlen(source) + 1);
>  > (gdb)
>  Dunno if this has been solved. Anyway, just curious as to when did it
>  crash? Was it while using zedit? If so, then the NULL points to the
>  name of the zone builder, which was not given when the new zone was
>  set up. Just add in your imp's name temporarily and remove it later
>  when you want to add in for the actual builder. It's supposed to be
>  somewhere in zedit_setup() whatever.... Haven't been looking at the
>  codes for several months now, nor been reading this list for a few
>  weeks....

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