From: George (
Date: 03/02/99

Jeremy thinks it's late to put the zlib compression code in CircleMUD 3.0
(and I agree), so I'll clean up the patch a bit and release it as a patch
and .tar.gz file in the coming week. (Spring[1] break!)

Also, the new DB parser (dbp2) is coming along nicely.  It now understands
how to express the world as a balanced binary tree or a hash table.  It
also has the rudiments of knowing other files than just .wld files.  Now
the only major structural thing left to implement (besides putting the
mob/obj/zon/shp parsers back in under the new scheme) is to teach the room
parser code that everything won't be CircleMUD format.  So I'll probably
borrow another parser[2] to implement that and then things will be set.

George Greer

[1] - How Miami University (Ohio) thinks the second week of March is
      considered "spring" is beyond me. The official designation for
      "spring" break is halfway through the second semester. shrug.

[2] - Like the one Chris Jacobson <> sent me.
      You wouldn't happen to have a sample area I could borrow do you? :)
      I won't distribute the area (or the parser) without permission
      of course.

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