[AD] Catacombs of Death

From: Kaine LaZaro (demond@tolkien.realms.org)
Date: 03/04/99

Alright, many of you know me as Demond or Kaine, but Now with the help of
a friend I'm actualy gunna run a mud, *thats right no sudden 'ohwell its
gone again'*, But to make a good mud it take more than just a Programmer
and 3 builders, So I'd like to ask that anyone interested in building send
my Head Builder an e-mail at rand@realms.org, Please Do-Not send large
ammounts of mail to this list.

We do a small interview of each builder so we know what to expect from
them, so you may want to include at least the following information in
your e-mail to Rand:

A simple Room Description,
A Mobile Description,
An Area desine,
and A Area concept.

We are a midevil mud, with 32 classes, and soon to have about 49 new
skills and about 100 new spells. We are still in the development stage,
but we are more than interested in the help getting our realm started.

Thanks for your Time,
Kaine aka James

`Up, Down, Over, and Through, Back arround the Jokes on you!'
 -- Magic the Gathering

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