[GDB] Info

From: Del (caminturn@earthlink.net)
Date: 03/05/99

Thanks to those who has answered my little questionnaire yesterday, in which I
still hope to get more replies so I can cover as much ground as I can!

For another area, that I would like to try and cover but I do not know enough
about it is GDB Debugger (Thanks for bringing that up John).

Can someone send me a simple instruction list I can paste into this document,
on how to basically use the debugger.
Based on an crash with no error logged in syslog or syslog.CRASH.
1. commands to use? (to look at the core)
2. What the output looks like.
3. How to basically tell what the output means.
4. How to backtrace, and what would indicate where the problem might be (if
5. Any other helpfull hint that you feel would help someone use the gdb.

Thanks again for those who are helping me on this project.

(if anyone is interested in seeing what I have so far.. I can send it to them
for review and comments)

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